Nerditya by Aditya

Un Chin Andalou

This is a gem from the stack of weird movies. Get this – both he lead actors in this movie committed suicide. The man by overdosing on Veronal while the woman by setting herself on fire in a public square. That should be enough to get you going since you are already reading this. The link to the movie is a the end of this post if you cannot resist. The movie was shot in 1929, it's a surrealistic movie by Spanish director Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí. It's a silent movie shot on a black and while film.

The movie starts off with a scene that can lead to some people puking right where they sit and can make others lose their appetite. If you are like me, you would just enjoy it and expect more from the movie. It will live up to your expectations. The film opens with a middle aged man sharpening his razor later calmly testing it out on his own thumb. He opens the balcony door, gazes at the moon and proceeds to…

The lesser you know the better. The movie then revolves around the girl (Simone Mareuil) and the boy (Pierre Batcheff). It's weird – dead donkeys, hands with holes in them, pianos and car accidents. It's erratic without any underlying story as such and it's confusing with the non chronological timeline. This movie has it all. Here's the link I promised in the first paragraph. Enjoy!